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Our world-class facility is home to the largest indoor paintball facility in the state of Georgia; with speedball, turf Call of Duty, and sawdust fields. Layer up, grab your gear, and hit the field for one of the best activities in Statesboro, GA!

Have a group or party? We have special group rates and paintball party packages.

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Paintball Rates

3 Fields to choose from | Ages 8 & up

Field Access Fee

$20* Per Person

Includes gun, mask, chest pad, 1 hopper full of paint & access to 3 fields.

Additional Paint Available

Bag (500 balls) – $15

Case (2,000 balls) – $50


Bring Your Own Gear

$9.99 Per Person

Equipment must be inspected by our officials prior to play.

Paintball Specials

$5 Paintball Fridays & Sundays

Includes: 20 minute game, mask, marker, vest


Looking for a great place to have some fun with your group or organization? JumpShot is your destination!

We offer discounted rates for groups of 15+ people for the trampoline side, and any group size for paintball.


We promise a fun-filled experience unlike any other.
Between dodgeball, paintball, wipeout, and our slam dunk courts, there is something for everyone!

Parents…you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

First Time Paintballers

If you are a first time player, it is essential that you are aware of basic safety practices to have a safe and fun day of play. Following these fundamental tips will allow you to have a memorable time on the field and come home uninjured while doing it.

Learn How to Use Your Gear

One of the most overlooked safety tips in paintball is being educated and aware of the equipment you are using.  If you own your own equipment, you should read every instruction manual that is provided from the manufacturer before playing.  This should make you aware of how each piece of equipment works and how to use it properly.

If you are renting paintball equipment, you should be given instructions on how to operate each piece of equipment by an authorized person.  This is usually a field staff member or referee at a paintball field. Being aware of your equipment goes a long way in promoting safety in paintball.

Always Wear Masks

Another big safety tip is wearing your goggles at all times while in the field of play.  This is a mandatory safety practice at paintball fields worldwide and should be followed even for play on private property.  

Following this safety rule ensures that your eyes, face and ears are protected properly. 

Turn On Safety and Barrel Blocking Device

The third essential paintball safety tip is having your paintball marker safety and barrel blocking device on when you are not playing or instructed by a field referee to do so. This safety practice is used to prevent an accidental discharge of the paintball marker. Mechanical markers will have a mechanical safety while markers that are electronically driven will have a safety controlled by the electronics circuit board of the marker. 

Regardless if you have a mechanical or electronic marker, you should also use a barrel blocking device when you are not playing or instructed by a field referee to do so.  

The barrel blocking device is just another additional layer of safety so that in the event you don’t have your mechanical safety on or leave an electronic marker in a live mode that will allow it to still fire, you will not have the accidental discharge of the marker hit an unintended object.

Drink Lots of Water

Safety in paintball also goes beyond equipment.  Staying hydrated in warm or hot weather is a very important safety tip. If you allow yourself to become dehydrated while playing you run the risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Taking regular breaks in play to stay hydrated can help prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Wear Your Proper Clothes and Gear

Lastly, you should also dress for the conditions you are playing in.

You should always at a minimum wear a long sleeved shirt and pants when playing. This will not only protect you from impacts from paintballs but also keep you protected from other things such as sticks or rocks in the field of play.

If you have extra layers and conditions permit, you can always remove them if you become too hot while playing. Also wearing sunscreen on exposed skin areas will help prevent sun burns on days where the sun’s rays can cause skin damage.

 These are just a few essential safety tips that will help you have a safe and fun day of play. Check out Paintballer HQ for more advanced tips and marker reviews.

Written by Kyle Varella


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